Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zander comes today!!!

We are so excited that Zander is on his way today. I know we are ready to see him and I am hearing he is ready to see us again. We skyped him yesterday and he got a little upset that we couldn't come out of the little box and hold him. He should be arriving around 5:30-6:00 tonight with my dad (who we are also excited to see). We were sad to see my mom leave today, as she has been such a great support for both of us. Words will never be able to justify our gratidude for her. It just seems so weird that we won't be seeing her for a few weeks, since we see her so often when we are home. I think she was a little bummed as well that she wasn't able to see Zander too.

We are still in our search for where we will be staying. I called yesterday on a furnished apartment in the city and we are still waiting to hear about a possible suite in one of the hotels near here. So things are still up in the air as far as living arrangements. As soon as we know for sure where we will be we will try to get our address out to those of you that have requested it. Hopefully we will know within the next day or two. Our current hotel is nice and we have no complaints, it will just be nicer to be where we are going to end up. We are currently located right near the hospital on campus so it has been kind of nice being so convenient to everything. Also, there is a pool here so when Zander gets here, daddy can take him for a swim, since I imagine he will be going a little stir crazy in this little hotel room with hardly any toys. (Austin gets a little stir crazy too:))

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. It is super hot and humid here (from what I am told). Where are the great lakes when we need them?



  1. kelly, it is so hot & humidy out east here. the kids & i have not really been outside to play during the day in weeks because of this weather. it's just as bad as winter time. once you get settled in your more permenent place let me know what you need for zander. i can bring some toys, books, etc.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I cant imagine how good that felt for you two to wrap your arms around Zander!! He must really wonder whats going on....its even alot for adults to wrap their brains around...so, no doubt, he is confused!

    The weather in Leland has been picture perfect (sorry!)....in the 80s, no humidity, breezy, and sunny nearly every single day of the last 3 weeks. Much warmer than last summer, though, as we have not dug out our sweatshirts, and have the fans running in the bedroom windows every night. Lake Michigan is so warm that yesterday Kate and I floated around on rafts for 1/2 an hour, something we usually wont do.

    I can hardly believe we will be going back to work on Monday without you Kelly! Is Judy in for the long haul now? Retirement, what retirement?Dont worry about work or your kids....everything will all work out just fine. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing for your family.
    Thinking of you!

  3. look at you getting all fancy with your blog! love the picture & accompanying information.