Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kinsen Wiley Goff

Kinsen Wiley Goff made his arrival into our family one week ago today on June 12, 2014 at 1:41pm.  He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces.  He was born at one day shy of 38 weeks on the day of his scheduled delivery!  We were scheduled for a 3pm c-section; however the hospital called us around 11 and asked if we could arrive early because they were available sooner than expected.  I was pretty nervous about the c-section, but everything went well, and Dr. LaGrand said that my scars looked great.  We spent two nights at the hospital while my mom and Jeff took the older boys to their house.  We came home with Kinsen on Saturday and the boys joined us on Sunday.

I am loving every minute of this newborn stage and trying to soak it all in, as Kinsen will probably be our last baby.

As for the big brothers....

Zander had been looking forward to becoming a big brother for a second time since we told him we were having a baby.  He made the sweetest card for Kinsen to bring to the hospital and also one for Dr. LaGrand telling him thank you for taking such good care of us.  Zander had asked a lot of very specific questions about the birth throughout my pregnancy and the morning of, he told me at breakfast that he was worried about me.  He has such a sweet heart and is definitely the protector of both of his little brothers.  He tolerates and accommodates so much and sometimes I think even too much.  He has been so conscientious of Kinsen, trying to be super quiet if he is sleeping and letting me know as soon as he makes a peep that he needs me. 

Grayden has totally shocked me on how he has responded to Kinsen.  Prior to his birth he would tell everyone and anyone that he did not want a little brother and that I was not going to be allowed to hold Kinsen because I could only hold him.  I was very worried about how he was going to adjust to it all.  The few times we were around infants he acted horrible and didn't want me to even look at the babies.  To my surprise, Grayden has been great about Kinsen!  He was a little hesitant at the hospital to pay him too much attention and spent a lot of time by my side holding my hand and avoiding Kinsen all together, but since we have been home he has been so interested in him.  He is constantly wanting to kiss him and wanting to help with things.  He will also tell me the minute he makes a peep that I need to pick him up.  He is also full of questions about Kinsen.

I am loving our family of five!  This past week has been great.  My only wish is that both parents could take maternity leave because having Austin home this week has made the transition much easier.  I am not looking forward to him returning to work next week.