Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Monday, August 30, 2010

31 Weeks and still counting!

I just got back from my weekly appointment. I am trying not to worry too much, but they did notice today that my cervix is beginning to thin slightly. They told me to try to just take it a little easier than what I have been doing, but they do not want me on bedrest yet either. So, I need lots of positive thoughts that things will continue to go as planned and that I'll keep this bun in the oven for as long as possible. He needs lots more time to bake!!

As far as things with Grayden are concerned, all things continue to look good. His ventricles decreased in size on both sides and they can completely see his 4th ventricle as well. The ultra sound tech said today that he was showing off for her all day. When the maternal fetal specialist came in, he just kept remarking at how awesome his brain looked. I love hearing this kind of news.

My mom and Kara are here with us now. Robyn, Dave and the kids left on Saturday night and made it home safely. We thouroughly enjoyed their visit and had so much fun hanging out. It was so much fun to watch Zander actually play and interact with the kids. They were chasing each other around all week and making each other laugh. The neighbors below us are probably happy that they are gone; however we miss them very much.

So overall, another good news report. Lets just hope that I can keep my mind off worrying about all of the what ifs for the remainder of the time. I hate that I worry and am honestly trying so hard not to because I know that it is not going to help anything. So wish me luck as I try to take this one day at a time. I promise that I will be taking things a little easier. My biggest fear continues to be having to head to the hospital in an emergent situation, so lets hope that does not happen.


Monday, August 23, 2010

More encouraging news!

I had my weekly appointment today. Everything continues to look good on my end. As far as Grayden goes, we got more encouraging news today. One of his ventricles has slightly decreased in size (I can't remember by how much), and the other one continues to remain the same. I'm a little surprised at myself that I don't remember the exact details as far as numbers, because I am usually a pretty detail oriented person. For those of you who would like more specifics I will try harder next time. Every week I basically just listen for the doctor to say "everything continues to look good." and then I breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know why, but I always get so nervous for each appointment. I'm still just so worried that I am going to get bad news. We also got to see Grayden flex his toes on his left foot today. I'm pretty sure that I saw him move his toes on the right too, but the ultrasound tech didn't point it out, so I can't verify. I know that it may not mean anything at this point, but it is still fun to see.

Zander and I are enjoying our week with the Robinson's so far. Robyn and I got to do a little shopping yesterday after my appointment, which was some nice, quality sister time that we have not been able to enjoy for the last month and a half. A big thank you to my brother in law Dave for tackling the task of watching all three kids for the day!! Today we went to an amazing playground/mansion that is called Smith's Playplace. It is a mansion that was built and designed just for kids under 5 to come and play. It has three levels of toys and activities for the kids to do inside and then an amazing playground outside. The kids had so much fun, and the best part about it is, it is completely FREE. I think Zander and I will be weekly attenders to that place for sure!! We need something like that in Grand Rapids.

The Delaneys and Austin made it home safely on Sunday morning after what I hear was a very long ride. Ethan had a fever when he left so he did not enjoy the ride home from what I hear and was a little upset. We could not thank them enough for all of their help this week. We had a great time touring the town and exploring. Zander misses his buddy Ethan too. I will be posting pictures of our great adventures soon!

Friday, August 20, 2010

30 weeks today

Today I am at 30 weeks gestation with my pregnancy. If all continues to go as planned that means 7 more weeks until Grayden will make his arrival. I am still taking things one day at a time and with each day that passes I breath a little sigh of relief. I am a little scared to have a c-section and am most scared of needing to have an emergent c-section. As many of you know I am a huge proponent of natural childbirth and I had Zander naturally without any use of medications, so thinking about Grayden's birth is sometimes a little hard for me to wrap my mind around. I still grieve the fact that a I will never again get to have the experience of a natural birth. (I know most of you probably think I'm crazy for making this statement)

Austin and the Delaneys will be leaving tomorrow night, and Robyn, Dave, Chase and Teagan will be arriving in the morning. They are leaving tonight at 8 and driving through the night. I can't believe a week has already passed and Austin has to go home. We are going to miss having him here with us, but thankfully he gets to come back in 2 short weeks this time, instead of 3. Lets hope that those two weeks go by as quickly as this one did. Zander really likes having his daddy here:)

We got to explore quite a bit with the Delaney's while they were here. We went to the Please Touch Museum (highly recommended), The Camden Acquarium, The Philadelphia Zoo, and Franklin Square Park. Now that they are ready to leave and return home, we finally have figured out a good system on how to load 2 strollers, a wheelchair, and 2 kids onto the public transporation system bus. Let me tell you, we must be a pretty funny site hiking around this city. It has been so much fun having them here with us this week. We were supposed to be on vacation with them this week in the upper penisula of Michigan enjoying a relaxing week at my Dad and Karen's cottage, but they were nice enough to change their plans and come here instead. We again, could never thank them enough for all of their help this week. I know it is definately not the same as a relaxing week at the lake, but they were great at making the best of the circumstances and making it seem easy helping to take care of me and lug all of our stuff around Philadelphia. I did not hear them complain once. Zander really enjoyed playing with his buddy Ethan while he was here too. We are really getting a kick out of watching the boys begin to interact and play alongside each other. (Ethan is a little more advanced in this area, but Zander is catching on quickly)

We are missing everyone at home as well and can't wait to see all of you when we get back! Wish us luck next week as Robyn and Dave tackle the huge task of taking care of me and Zander as well as their own two kids! I am looking very forward to their visit, because we usually don't go a whole week without seeing each other. A week will be short but we will take what we can get. As Austin put it, let's hope Robyn and Dave don't go crazy spending their last week of summer vacation taking care of us, and lets hope it is more fun than it is hazzle.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy and Zander at the Market
Mommy and Zander at LOVE park

Aunt Eileen, Grandma, and Zander at LOVE park.

Grandma and Zander at the water fountain in front of City Hall.

We took a trip to the art museum and stopped to take a picture by Rocky

Zander enjoying a ride in "mommy's stroller"
My mom and Aunt Eileen spent last week with us. We took many walks in the city to the various water fountains, hit up a few stores, and went to the Market a few times. We also spent much of the week apartment hunting, which was very frustrating to say the least. On Friday night, the night before my mom and Aunt Eileen were scheduled to leave we received a phone call from the study coordinator saying that because we had not found a place to rent yet, that she needed us to move into the Ronald McDonald house until we could move elsewhere. So, we spent Friday night moving our stuff into one tiny room at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. It is amazing how much we have acquired in the short time we have been here. We are very thankful for the accommodations the Ronald McDonald House provided us, and Zander really enjoyed his weekend playing with all the great toys; however I am very glad to be in our own apartment now. We were able to move into a very nice two bedroom apartment on Monday afternoon with the help of our friends Brock and Lindsy. Finally, the search is over.

Over the weekend, between when my mom and Aunt left and before Austin and the Delaney's arrived, my good friend Claire came to stay with us. Claire was brave and pushed both Zander and I in the wheelchair so that we could go out for lunch for some frozen yogurt. We spent the rest of the day playing and catching up. It was a great time and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Claire. We are excited for her to return to living in Philly at the end of the month so that we can see her more often.

Austin and the Delaney's arrived very early Sunday morning. I am so happy to have Austin here with us, and I don't think Zander left Austin's side the entire day on Sunday. He was so happy to see his daddy!! We are also having a great time so far with Brock, Lindsy, and Ethan. The boys are having a great time playing together and it has been really fun watching them together. We had a chance to go to the Please Touch Museum today, and I have to say that place is great. We all had such a good time, even though I didn't get to do much besides watch from a distance. Pictures to come later.

Our appointment went well yesterday. Everything continues to look good. Grayden's ventricles continue to remain stable and he even flexed his ankles during the ultrasound, which was very exciting to see. They also said that they think he weighs about 3 pounds at this point, so he is continuing to gain weight and grow as he should.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just for a little laugh

Just thought I would share this video. As I've said before this giggle just brightens my day! It's these little things in life that really matter. Have I said before how grateful I am that he is able to be here with me. I love being a mom so much!

Monday, August 9, 2010

28 weeks and counting

Our friend Jenn was here this week. She took very good care of us and we already miss her. Zander had a great time playing in the fort that she made for him on her first night here. Our other friends, The Mejias were also here for a few days from Bethesda, Maryland. We had a great time with Annie, Lucia, and Emilio and I really think Zander enjoyed having some other kids around to play with. I continue to be so thankful to have such great friends and family. Thanks Annie and Jenn for coming and staying with us, we really enjoyed our visit.
We were able to move into a two bedroom suite at the same hotel, so that is so much better for sleeping. My mom and my Aunt Eileen are here right now with us. I have actually ventured out and about a few times over the last week to go out to eat and visit some shops. There is a Macy's right across the street from here! I have decided however, that the sidewalks here are definitely not meant for wheelchairs. They are very rough and I feel sorry for the people that have to push me around.
I had another appointment today, and so far things continue to look good. The amniotic fluid levels are still good and Grayden's ventricles are remaining stable. The doctor today also said "what a nice Cerebellum this baby has", which means that they are starting to notice that the hindbrain or otherwise known as the Chiari Malformation is starting to move back up where it belongs. The shape of Grayden's head is also becoming rounder and the "lemon shape" is improving. (This is what I think I understood them to be saying anyways). There was one slightly disappointing piece of news at today's appointment though, it does look like both of Grayden's feet are clubbed at this point. Basically, this means that his feet are turning inward at the ankles. This can be corrected after he is born by a series of casting, it is just disappointing because I think this may mean that he has less ankle movement than he did a few weeks ago. The doctor said he is moving his legs down to his knees but they did not see him move his ankles today. I am still excited though, that his little brain is doing well and if we have to deal with clubbed feet it will not be the end of the world. They also gave me the go ahead today to be at a moderate activity level. I still need to use the wheelchair when we go out and about, but I can start doing more walking around the hotel.
We are still in a search for where we will be staying for the remainder of the time. I plan on going to check out a few more places during this week to see if I can find something that will meet our needs. Wish me luck, because it seems to be a bigger task than what I had thought at first.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Friends and Checkup

I had my second followup appointment this morning. Everything continues to look good according to the doctors. Amniotic fluid levels are good and the incision site looks great. Grayden's ventricles are at the same level at this point, which I am told is good, he continues to have a great heart rate and is moving around like crazy. I also got the go ahead to sit up to eat and go outside in the wheelchair and to possibly attempt an outing this weekend if I feel up to it!! I'm so excited! Best of all I was given the okay to let Zander sit on my lap and even cuddle because everything looks good with the incision.

My good friend Jen arrived on Saturday and in typical Jen fashion, brought lots of things to keep us entertained. It is so great to have her here. She also came bearing a Nook, that many of my family and friends went in on to get for me. What can I say I have the most incredible people in my life!! Karen went home Saturday and my dad decided to stay to help us find a more suitable place to stay. He is actually out right now as I type this looking at a few places. A big thank you goes out to my dad and Karen for taking such good care of me and Zander while they were here. Again, words will never be able to truly express my gratitude!!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting up with a family from Lousiana who are here for their daughter's one year follow up. They are also participants of the MOMS study and were randomized for the postnatal group. Selina and I met through an online group that we are members of. We had such a great time chatting and the kids had so much fun playing. We actually ran into them again today at the hospital and were able to have lunch together as well! It is so nice to be able to chat with people who have been in the same situation. Their daughter Madison is such a cutie pie.

(I can't figure out how to move the pictures to the bottom of the page right now, so they are posted at the top). Zander attempted to give Maddie many kisses, I only got the one picture, but there will be more to come from Selina's camera!!

Thanks again for stopping by Selina, Chris, and Maddie. We really enjoyed our visit and loved the cookies and flowers!! Zander loves his bus and blocks too!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Change in Plans for Address

We have decided not to move into the other apartment because we decided it was going to be too small, so we will keep everyone updated about where we end up. Hopefully we will know within the next few days.