Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Weeks

I can't believe that it has been over two weeks since I had surgery. I am feeling pretty good and looking very forward to getting off restricted bedrest, hopefully by next Thursday if all continues to go well. My dad and Karen are still here as our support people; however they are planning on leaving tomorrow and will be replaced by my friend Jenn. Zander will be going to a sleep over at my friend Annie's for a few nights so that they can celebrate her husband's birthday and then Annie, Zander, and her two kids will be rejoining us on Tuesday until my mom and my Aunt Eileen arrive on Wednesday. So this week will be a little crazy with a lot of changing people, but it should keep it interesting too. It is quite the process trying to arrange for two people to be here at all times, especially when we are so far from home!

Without a lot of toys here to entertain Zander my dad and Karen have become very creative.

Zander and Grandpa have formed a band. Zander enjoys dancing more than playing the drums lately:)

Zander has also enjoyed many walks around the hotel as Grandpa's carry on!

So Grandma Karen decided that Zander needed to practice being a big brother so he is now pulling his "little brother" around in his carry on too!

It has been so much fun having Zander here to entertain me while I lay here. I am constantly amazed at how a 16 month old can understand that he can't crawl all over his mommy, but he really does seem to. He continues to come to me to cudde and play, and doesn't get too upset that I can't get up and go when he wants me to.

We are also hoping to connect with another family who participated in the study last year and will be here this weekend for their little girl's 12 month checkup. I'm looking very forward to their visit and am thinking Zander will enjoy some playtime as well!

As always, thanks for checking in on us!

p.s. I put on the last post that we were hoping to move by august 31, I meant July 31. Whoops!


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