Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A lot of people have asked me for an address of where we are staying while we are here. I feel a little funny posting it on the website, but Austin assured me that he thought it would be fine. So anyways I put it up over to the side of the page for those of you that were interested. We will not be moving to that address until this Saturday, August 31st though.

Things are still going well here. Zander is just having a riot playing with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Jack. He has gotten to go on many walks through the city and right now as I write this he is at a visit to the free library in philly. I guess he is also the star of the cafeteria here at the hotel, and has been making his daily rounds saying hello to everyone.

I have been keeping myself busy dinking around on the internet, reading, and watching TV. I am hoping once we get moved into the new place this weekend that I can unpack my knitting and do a little of that while I lay here.

Well as always, thanks for all of your support. We love reading the messages!



  1. So glad to hear that things are going well! I'm sure that at times, bedrest can be boring...but boring is good! I can't wait to have that playdate that we talked about when you get home...we'll just add one more! :)

  2. kelly:

    i'm guessing you meant to write saturday, JULY 31? glad to hear you will be in a more permanent place soon. the gardens were gorgeous today...perfect weather. but only 5 families. :(

    take care! sjc