Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting Ready to leave

Austin and I are flying out first thing tommorow morning to head to Philadelphia. I am excited to learn more information and to be given the opportunity to participate in something that could possibly have such a huge impact on Grayden's future. I am also very anxious and sad that I have to leave Zander behind, although I know he is in great hands, and that I may not be coming home until October. I am trying to stay positive and take one day at a time, but it is also so easy to get sucked into the why me mode. Part of me continues to wish so badly that we didn't have to be doing this at all. That I could stay here and enjoy the rest of my summer with my little guy and just enjoy this pregnancy as I did with Zander. That is not our path however; so I am reminding myself to stay positive and to be excited for what our future holds. Yes it will be different than what we expected, but different is just that. He is still our baby, that we love and can't wait to meet and we will do the very best we can for him!!

I will try to update after each day. By looking at our schedule we have back to back appointments basically from 8-5 on both Monday and Tuesday. Tommorow, Austin and I are going to try to enjoy a little mini vacation and explore the city of Philadelphia:) Austin has already looked up some restaurants that he wants to check out, so I'm sure we will be hopping around!



  1. Kelly-I hope you and Austin had a great sight-seeing day today, and I'll be thinking about you both (and Grayden!) the remainder of the week. I know by the time you reach the end of this initial process that you will have the insight and wisdom that you need to make the best decision!!

    thinking of you!!
    p.s. this note will say it's from Kate because I'm using her Mac

  2. Hey Kelly & Austin - Thanks for the updates . . I appreciate it. What a great way to be able to communicate with people. Hope you enjoyed your day touring Philly . . . I'm sure the next few days will be overwhelming with appointments and information. Know I'm praying for you every day!! I agree that you will be educated enough by the end of this that you'll be able to make the best decision for you and your family. Love to all of you!!!