Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Monday, March 11, 2013

ABM Continued

I promised I would be back to write about our recent experience working with Anat and her team.  Grayden was able to have nine lessons with Anat, Sylvia, Neal, and Chris.  Grayden was his usual flexible self and quickly warmed up to and charmed each of them.  I was again reminded why I chose this path for him, and really for us.  It continues to change my outlook on "therapy" and has given me a new lens to see through.  This work is not about working on "what's wrong" with Grayden, it is really about taking him as an individual in this moment and moving forward.  It is not about strengthening what is weak, or "fixing" what is wrong, but rather about optimizing what he has. It is about empowering him by making connections and changes in his brain using the vehicle we call movement. What Grayden does with that information is limitless.  I am nearing the end of my basic professional training and am so excited to share this work with others.  I will begin my Children's Mastery training in July and cannot wait to learn more specifically how I can share this work with other kids.


I promise to try to keep the blog updated more often.  We have some exciting travel plans coming up, as we are gearing up to return to Philadelphia for Grayden's 30 month check up for the study.  We are driving down as a family over our spring break and making a vacation out of it so that we can visit some of our favorite spots while we are there!  We are also planning a little side trip to New York to visit a highly recommended doctor to take a peak at Grayden's feet/legs so that he can give us some input from a lens that is a little less "traditional".