Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost 34 Weeks

The appointment today went well again. Everything with me continues to look good. I got to meet with the Anesthesiologist (sp?) today to go over what to expect during the c-section. I also got to meet with one of the OB's who works on the Special Delivery Unit (one of four just in case I don't go when planned). They also told me who would be delivering Grayden if I make it to October 8th, and luckily I have met him and really like him. I also really like the doctor who I met with today so if she is the one to deliver I will feel comfortable with her as well. It makes me feel a little better to know what to expect, but still a little nervous about the situation in general. The whole idea of a c-section just freaks me out still, especially after taking a natural childbirth class last time and learning all of the possible side effects that can happen with a c-section. I'm hoping what the doctor said will be true; that I will be so excited to meet my little baby that the c-section won't seem as bad. She also said it will be a lot easier than the surgery so I'm really hoping this will be true.

As far as Grayden goes, it is hard not to get a little frustrated and confused with the information that they give us each week. The doctor we saw today said that his feet do look like they are clubbed. She said that we should not worry about it though, because it is correctable and they are still seeing movement in his ankles and toes so that is what is most important. It is really difficult to know what/who to believe. Again, I think it is just a waiting game until he is born. His ventricles are also larger again than what they were last week, but when I asked if I should be concerned and if this meant that he will more than likely need a shunt, the doctor said that the neurosurgeons don't even look at the size of the ventricles in utero and that it is all based on neurological signs following his birth. So, we will take today as good news, and continue to hope for the very best for our little guy.

Austin and his dad went home yesterday and my dad and Uncle Kevin are here with us this week. Austin and Ron were able to go to an Eagles game while they were here, and Austin said they had a great time. I'm really glad that he was able to get to do that with his dad, although I was a little jealous that I wasn't invited:) Maybe next time. Zander had a great time playing with his Grandpa Goff. Again, we are so grateful for all of the help that we have received and all of the people who have so generously given time to help us in some way. We are looking so forward to introducing Grayden to all of the wonderful people in our lives!!

Next week my mom and Jeff will be here and Austin will return on September 26th, at which time my mom and Austin will stay until the little guy arrives!!

Again, hoping that I can make it to October 8th without going into labor!! Positive thoughts for 3 weeks, 2 more days.



  1. Hi Kelly,
    I didn't get a chance to meet you before you left for the MOMS trial, but I also had a son recently born w/ SB. If it helps lessen any worries the doctors thought our son was going to have club feet (and he doesn't). We were worried about his ventricle size the entire time, but that too didn't matter. Once he was born they watched his head size from birth until even the present to look for enlargement. Since his birth his head has grown 2 cm, but he has also gained 2 lbs. and he is shunt free for now (one month old)! I, too, was praying that little Andy would stay inside me until delivery time. I know the situations are different, but keep praying and all will work out well. I'm looking forward to meeting you when you're back in GR, MI. Until then, we'll say a prayer for you. Here's Andy's blog page: www.themathewschildren.blogspot.com. Let me know if you have any questions - Dawn

  2. It's getting sooo close! I'm so excited for you...I will continue to pray for more time in the oven, and for all good news from here on out! Try not to worry too much about the club foot...it sounds like it could really go either way, and as long as those toes are still moving, I think he's doing Great!! Dr. Zachian did my section...It was supposed to be Bebbington, but I went earlier than expected. I'm sure you'll be in great hands, regardless. Much love and prayers,
    from your friends in New Orleans

  3. Selina, Dr. Zachian is supposed to do mine too!!

  4. you're in the home stretch! hang in there. see you soon!