Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and Update

We had a great Halloween with the boys. Zander spent Friday at Daycare at Kristy's house playing Halloween games and dancing to music. She truly is the best daycare provider we could ever ask for. Zander loves her so much and has so much fun when he is there. Saturday we spent the day at Gun Lake with the Robinsons! We had so much fun hanging out with the cousins, eating Chili and visiting with our Gun Lake neighbors. It was so nice to see everyone. Although I didn't get to actually trick or treat with Zander because Grayden decided he was not having it, Austin said he did great and had a ton of fun! He has a new found love for suckers now, they were definitely his favorite Halloween candy.

Grayden had a head ultrasound done yesterday and then we followed up that appointment with the Neurosurgeon. Although he was not able to download the images that were taken at CHOP to compare what his ventricles look like now compared to the last ultrasound that was done at CHOP, he said that based on what he saw that he was not concerned. He said that Grayden's hydrocephalus is mild at this point and is not indicative of needing a shunt at this point. So, we will go back again in a month to have another ultrasound to continue to monitor, unless something of concern happens before then. Even though I had to wait for over an hour for the appointment with the Neurosurgeon, this experience was a lot more pleasant overall. (He must have heard ringing in his ears over the last few weeks and decided to shape up a little bit:))

Guitar (costume #2 thanks to our buddy Mason)
Zander with his daycare friends

My beautiful niece Teagan as Cinderella

Spiderman Chase

Not very happy Zebra, Grayden (he lasted about 2 minutes)

Trick or treating at Gun Lake

Frog-costume #1 (thanks to cousin Chase)


  1. What a sweet little zebra! I love it! Very cute pics and Zander looks like he's having so much fun! (Maybe next year Grayden.) ;)

  2. i love the zebra costume! i just cant get over the cuteness! where did you ever find a guitar costume!? too funny! looks like you all had a great time. and good news about the ventricles too!

  3. The costume is adorable. We were also in the moms study/pre-natal group. We were at UCSF though. My baby is 18 months. Your kids are adorable. Good Luck with everything.