Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sorry about the delay in updating the blog. We have had a very busy couple of days. Sunday, we were told that Grayden needed to be transferred to the pediatric surgical floor because he was doing so well and they were out of beds in the NICU. So, Sunday afternoon, with the help of my friend Annie we moved onto the surgical floor. Grayden looked so small in the big huge pediatric room and crib. I was happy that he was doing well enough to transfer, but felt a little nervous about being away from the doctors and nurses who specialize in premature babies. The ratio of the nurse care is also a lot different on a pediatric floor versus the neonatal intensive care unit, so that also made me nervous. So, needless to say, I stayed by his bedside the entire time he was up there because I didn't feel comfortable leaving him alone in that big old room. Austin says that I watch too many Lifetime movies and that I was being over paranoid, but I don't really think so.

After two nights on the surgical floor they decided yesterday to transfer Grayden back down to the NICU. He was having a few episodes during the night where his oxygen saturation was dropping into the 80's, but then coming quickly back up into the 90's. Your oxygen saturation rate should be above 92 to be in the normal range, so this is a bit concerning. So they just wanted to keep a closer eye on him and decided it would be best if he was back in the NICU. After speaking with the NICU team of doctors they said that this may be just a typical infant thing, that some babies do; however because they don't have monitors on all babies you just wouldn't know. They also said it may continue to just be his immaturity and that he just might need a little more time. They said they would keep an eye on him and if he started to show any other concerning symptoms that they would run more tests. So, as of this morning he continues to do well and just had a few episodes last night, again that he was able to resolve on his own. During the doctor rounds this morning they said that the plan for now is to continue to monitor Grayden and let him mature a little so that they can feel comfortable sending him home so that once he goes home, he will stay there. So, it sounds like the earliest we will be leaving is sometime this weekend. Total bummer, but I also want him to be safe to come home because I don't want to have to continually worry that he is not breathing.

In the eating department, Grayden is beginning to show his Goff roots and is doing really well. He seems to have caught on to the whole suck, swallow, breath thing and seems to be gaining more endurance and stamina every day. He also continues to gain weight, which is awesome. Because he is doing so well, they were able to remove his feeding tube yesterday, so now we can finally see his entire handsome little face!!

I am really sad about being away from Zander for that much longer. This Sunday it will be two weeks, which in my opinion is far too long for a mama to be away from her child. The report from my parents is that he is doing really well at home and is enjoying his days at daycare. A big huge Thank You goes out to everyone who is helping out with taking such good care of him!! We can't wait to get back home to give him lots of squeezes!!!

So lots of positive thoughts needed that Grayden will continue to do well and have not havew anymore episodes of oxygen desats so that we can go home this weekend and have our family togther. I am very homesick at this point and really trying to keep it together, knowing that we are doing what is best for our littlest addition and hopefully in the grand scheme, two weeks will not mean much in the long run.


  1. Your being sent lot's of postive thoughts and prayer's he's a fighter. We miss you guys also and I'm sure Zander will be real happy to see his Mom & Dad.

    Love Aunt Lori & Uncle Buck

  2. Kelly,
    We are all praying for you guys, and for sweet Grayden! I am so glad he is mastering the nursing routine, and it sounds like he is sooo close to going home. Sending lots of positive thoughts, and hoping you will all be together again very soon!! Lots of Love and prayers!