Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Monday, August 23, 2010

More encouraging news!

I had my weekly appointment today. Everything continues to look good on my end. As far as Grayden goes, we got more encouraging news today. One of his ventricles has slightly decreased in size (I can't remember by how much), and the other one continues to remain the same. I'm a little surprised at myself that I don't remember the exact details as far as numbers, because I am usually a pretty detail oriented person. For those of you who would like more specifics I will try harder next time. Every week I basically just listen for the doctor to say "everything continues to look good." and then I breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know why, but I always get so nervous for each appointment. I'm still just so worried that I am going to get bad news. We also got to see Grayden flex his toes on his left foot today. I'm pretty sure that I saw him move his toes on the right too, but the ultrasound tech didn't point it out, so I can't verify. I know that it may not mean anything at this point, but it is still fun to see.

Zander and I are enjoying our week with the Robinson's so far. Robyn and I got to do a little shopping yesterday after my appointment, which was some nice, quality sister time that we have not been able to enjoy for the last month and a half. A big thank you to my brother in law Dave for tackling the task of watching all three kids for the day!! Today we went to an amazing playground/mansion that is called Smith's Playplace. It is a mansion that was built and designed just for kids under 5 to come and play. It has three levels of toys and activities for the kids to do inside and then an amazing playground outside. The kids had so much fun, and the best part about it is, it is completely FREE. I think Zander and I will be weekly attenders to that place for sure!! We need something like that in Grand Rapids.

The Delaneys and Austin made it home safely on Sunday morning after what I hear was a very long ride. Ethan had a fever when he left so he did not enjoy the ride home from what I hear and was a little upset. We could not thank them enough for all of their help this week. We had a great time touring the town and exploring. Zander misses his buddy Ethan too. I will be posting pictures of our great adventures soon!


  1. Fantastic news!!

    I used to try to remember all the numbers, too. In the end, once you meet him, the numbers along the way won't matter as much.

    Thanks for sharing the great news!

  2. YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is GREAT news Kell!!! I love posts like this. So glad you got some sister time. You girls are just the best!! You (and robyn & your family) are so blessed to have one another. Robyn keeps posting on FB taht Dave is going for the Dad/ Uncle of the year award. He is a pretty cool guy!! Enjoy the rest of your time with them. Who's coming next? Thanks for the updates. I look forward to them everyday. :) Much Love!!!

  3. So great that he's moving those piggies!!

    And where was that Playplace when we were there?!! My parents would have brought Mason everyday while I was in the hospital... sounds awesome! Maybe next time...

    So glad things continue to go well!

  4. Thanks Lindsey! Selina, I guess it's been around for a really long time! My sister found it online, it's one of Philly's best kept secrets I guess. You should google it. It is called Smiths kids playplace!