Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Monday, August 9, 2010

28 weeks and counting

Our friend Jenn was here this week. She took very good care of us and we already miss her. Zander had a great time playing in the fort that she made for him on her first night here. Our other friends, The Mejias were also here for a few days from Bethesda, Maryland. We had a great time with Annie, Lucia, and Emilio and I really think Zander enjoyed having some other kids around to play with. I continue to be so thankful to have such great friends and family. Thanks Annie and Jenn for coming and staying with us, we really enjoyed our visit.
We were able to move into a two bedroom suite at the same hotel, so that is so much better for sleeping. My mom and my Aunt Eileen are here right now with us. I have actually ventured out and about a few times over the last week to go out to eat and visit some shops. There is a Macy's right across the street from here! I have decided however, that the sidewalks here are definitely not meant for wheelchairs. They are very rough and I feel sorry for the people that have to push me around.
I had another appointment today, and so far things continue to look good. The amniotic fluid levels are still good and Grayden's ventricles are remaining stable. The doctor today also said "what a nice Cerebellum this baby has", which means that they are starting to notice that the hindbrain or otherwise known as the Chiari Malformation is starting to move back up where it belongs. The shape of Grayden's head is also becoming rounder and the "lemon shape" is improving. (This is what I think I understood them to be saying anyways). There was one slightly disappointing piece of news at today's appointment though, it does look like both of Grayden's feet are clubbed at this point. Basically, this means that his feet are turning inward at the ankles. This can be corrected after he is born by a series of casting, it is just disappointing because I think this may mean that he has less ankle movement than he did a few weeks ago. The doctor said he is moving his legs down to his knees but they did not see him move his ankles today. I am still excited though, that his little brain is doing well and if we have to deal with clubbed feet it will not be the end of the world. They also gave me the go ahead today to be at a moderate activity level. I still need to use the wheelchair when we go out and about, but I can start doing more walking around the hotel.
We are still in a search for where we will be staying for the remainder of the time. I plan on going to check out a few more places during this week to see if I can find something that will meet our needs. Wish me luck, because it seems to be a bigger task than what I had thought at first.

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