Our Redirected Flight

Our Redirected Flight

Monday, July 11, 2011


We've been very busy this summer.  So busy that I have somehow misplaced my cord to transfer pictures from my camera.  I have been wanting to post; however I can't find the stinkin cord so I was trying to hold off, but I guess I will just have to post pics later.

At the end of June I decided to continue the training for the Anat Baniel Method and headed out to California with Grayden in tow, thanks to my moms generosity of being willing to tag along.  I had a great time, learned a lot and met some great people.  My mom and I were even able to explore San Francisco and the surrounding area.  We had a great time and I am overall very glad that I went.  Anat is brilliant and I love learning from her.  I swear I could listen to her for hours maybe days and never get bored.

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to have Grayden work with an ABM therapist who works hand in hand with Anat and is also one of the trainers for the professional training program.  I feel like it was a great opportunity for Grayden, but I also have to say that she did very similar things with Grayden as his therapist here.  So mostly, for me it validated that we are working with an amazing therapist here who is allowing Grayden many possibilities. 

We spent the 4th of July holiday in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at my dad and his wife Karen's cottage.  We had a great time and to top it off, Grayden began pulling himself forward while on his stomach (just a little bit, but I'm counting it!).  He is also very close to getting himself into a sitting position.  He is also constantly on the move, by rolling everywhere.  His first tooth is also poking through so it won't be long before its completely here.

Other than that, we have been busy enjoying our summer! I promise to post more pics and updates as soon as I find that cord!

If you have the time, please check out this post from another SB Mama.  It's a touching twist to a common poem in the "special needs world"


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  1. So awesome that he's pulling forward--claim every victory, sister!!